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About Hasnaa

International Executive Wellness Coach. Performance Team Coach. Corporate Wellness Consultant. Teacher. Writer. Speaker. World Traveller. Lightworker. Nature and Animal Lover.

After a Master Degree in Finance, Hasnaa Akabli began her career in the field of finance in big international corporations in Paris, France, where she learnt the power of numbers to monitor a full range of activities. For more than a decade, the executive positions she held taught her the subtle art of managing people to help them succeed and fulfill their highest potential. She also worked as a special advisor to a former Moroccan Ministry of Industry on the strategy to attract foreign investors such as Bombardier, Renault, Boeing, Ford and others major companies. For that matter, she launched the most important national communication campaign in the mainstream media on three continents and in five languages to promote Morocco as a competitive destination to industrial investors in the world.

Hasnaa later advised one of the top 10 CEOs of Morocco about developing the business of his company in Western African countries (Ivory Coast, Senegal, Congo-Brazzaville) and worked to set up a $100-million social housing project, among other strategic projects. Hasnaa had to negotiate and deal directly with the presidencies of these countries on the political, financial, technical and legal topics.

Hasnaa’s diverse experience helped her learn what she considers the essence of corporate success: understanding ourselves and others on the mental and emotional levels is critical for any individual and team to succeed. She has noticed that most leadership teams and executive boards were lacking that depth of understanding themselves and others thus the problems they experience on so many levels. She also thinks that a huge number of employees and entrepreneurs suffer (mentally, emotionally and spiritually) because of  job dissatisfaction, inability to set clear and compelling goals and lack of self-esteem, even at the CEO-levels . Hasnaa experienced it first hand as an executive herself when she was often overwhelmed by the responsibilities, the number of tasks to accomplish, the stress of the deadlines and feeling…not good enough. Because she had the opportunity to work with a coach, she opened up to a whole new dimension of herself. Self-awareness was certainly at the center of it.

What Hasnaa receives, she gives it back. When she initially started her consulting business in 2012, she naturally transitioned to coaching. She took the best trainings, and practiced, practiced, practiced. She sat to the International Coach Federation certification exam and passed it. She is now a very experienced executive coach trusted internationally by leaders and their teams.

She regularly attends trainings and works with different mentors to sharpen her coaching skills to make sure she always delivers the highest quality of service to her clients.

Hasnaa has delivered several coachings and trainings to international companies such as the Boston Consulting Group, Outsourcia, BMCI (Moroccan bank). She offered her services to many schools and universities for MBA students like in: TBS (Toulouse Business School), HEM (business school), l’Ecole Centrale (one of the best French engineering schools),…

In 2017, she started working part time as a Tony Robbins results coach because she wanted to acquire an even more international experience and get inspired working with one of the best coaches on the planet. For two years, Hasnaa gained powerful skills and strategies to transform leaders’ lives and mostly, she served amazing clients all over the world!

Hasnaa believes that everything is energy. She believes in the power of the intention we set in our hearts every morning. She believes in the possibility that every human has within to create, transform and heal. She came to those beliefs thanks to her multiple trainings in reiki (Japanese healing technique) that she loves to offer to clients who are receptive to the spiritual dimensions of life.

Hasnaa is a Quantum certified coach™ and is on the path of another major international coaching certification by the NBHWC (National Board of Health and Wellness for Coaching). She is the go-to expert and coach for leaders who need to learn how to do less, be more and increase their results and well-being.

Hasnaa is a force of nature and lives her life mission with purpose, love, humour and passion !

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